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Get connected with someone who truly cares about you



You just made the best decision of your life

Congratulations! If you meant the words you prayed, then Jesus will never leave you.


If you want to get to know Jesus even better through daily, guided devotionals and prayers, and gain access to other free resources, click here (or scan the QR Code) to download the Glorify app!


Want to go even deeper? Our team would like to come alongside you and help you find a Christian peer group near you where you can connect with an encouraging and supportive group of believers who are trying to grow in their relationship with Jesus, too.

Just text the word CONNECT to 28323 to get started!

***If you wish to stop receiving text messages from Groundwire, reply to any text message from 28323 and in the reply, text STOP.

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Scan the QR Code to download the Glorify App

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